Menu Genoa Cafe Athlone

Our restaurant type is known for several kinds of delicious meals. Among the signature dishes that you will find here are tantalizing burgers like Bacon burger and Salad burger. You will also find several tasty kebabs on the menu. Popular pizzas like Margherita, Pepperoni and Ham are served with mozzarella cheese and sauces. Our restaurant type also has an extensive menu of drinks including Soft drinks and Milkshakes. The various specials on our menu are guaranteed to give all our clients an amazing taste for a great value. Our chicken menu is quite comprehensive and we have several selections of delicious chicken meals from Southern fried chicken, to Chicken nuggets and Spicy wings. We also have amazing fish meals, chips and general meals. The sauces on our menu are sourced from natural ingredients and they are the tastiest sauces you can get anywhere. Our menu is definitely packed and every customer will get the food they desire. To see the detailed menu, feel free to download our app from the App Store and Google Play.

About Genoa Cafe Athlone menu

Genoa Cafe is an established restaurant that offers amazing food at the best value. We understand the needs of our customers and strive to meet them through our services. All customers look for two main things from any reputable restaurant – impeccable service and great food. We are honoured to provide these to all our customers and we do not compromise on either of the two. In fact, we offer unmatched service at Genoa Cafe. We believe that we are much more than just a restaurant and take extra measures to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Since our restaurant was established, we have been supplying clients with the freshest meals that are full of rich ingredients. Our menu is comprised of unique dishes that have impressed customers multiple times. All our main dishes are carefully selected and the drinks that accompany them provide our clients with the complete top-tier experience. To make it more attractive, we have priced our items in competitive rates to grant all clients the highest value. Our restaurant is the perfect place to unwind with the family, meet up with colleagues, or enjoy a quiet time. 

Restaurant location Genoa Cafe Athlone

We are located in Custom Place in the town of Athlone, which is in the River Shannon area of Ireland. This town is connected by road to several other adjacent towns. To the west of this town is the city of Galway, which is about one hour away by road. Farther in the east of Athlone is the capital city Dublin. The strategic location of this town in the middle of two main cities makes it greatly connected. This area is also the perfect place to enjoy meals as there is not much annoyance. Our restaurant is always open and easily accessible.